Logo de la Diputación

Foru Aldundia - Diputación Foral


  • Martintxune nursery: Forestry nursery management
  • 1st Plant Fair of the Five Continents
  • Forestry work: plantations, pruning and clearing. Forest uses and reforestation
  • Recover of forest paths
  • Protecting wild flora and fauna
  • Forest-fire monitoring, prevention and extinction
  • Upkeep of recreational areas
  • Control of livestock
  • Management of forestry agricultural centres and other assets
  • Emergency response: floods, wind, river pollution, …
  • Pests: Control of the Asian predatory wasp and forest diseases
  • Treatment against invasive plants: Cortaderia Selloana and Fallopia Japónica
  • Winter response: Storms, snow, ice

Emergency activities:

  • Forest fires
  • Floods
  • Winds
  • Pest infestations
  • Treatments
  • Forest diseases
  • Winter processes: rain, snow, ice.
  • River pollution.